Welcome to your MMIC Loss Control Resource Site!


In 2013 the HBAT-SIT became MMIC.  MidSouth Mutual Insurance Company will provide loss control services through our workers compensation claims administrator, Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc. This works out well for several reasons:

First - Now there are 4 consultants. BSA has three consultants covering TN.  John Hilbrandt will work with BSA as a consultant and with John,  that makes four consultants that will now be available to serve you. More geographical coverage. More jobsite visits. Better access to a consultant for your needs!

Second - The consultants have access to our claim system, meaning they are familiar with any workers compensation claim a policyholder may have and can help identify trends or answer questions.

Third - BSA brings a library of safety videos for policyholders to use. The only cost to you is postage.  BSA will  also add more training materials to this site such as handouts, PowerPoint programs and safety meeting topics.
Lastly, we are building a database of email address for the safety contacts at your businesses to better serve you in the future. This will allow us to send more safety material to you for your use in 2013.

We hope that you will enjoy all the enhancements to loss control in 2013 and welcome any suggestions you may have for improving these services.