Safety Vest

Safety Vest

Safety-Design-BuildingFor any type of outdoor works, it is necessary that you wear proper safety clothes. The law also ensures that the firm workers must wear a safety vest. The reflective material used in vest helps in visibility of workers during night. Due to its nature, any form light is reflected by the vest. Nowadays, LED technology is also used in making of vest. The main reasons for employing the reflection property in the vests, is that the person can stand out in any kind of surrounding and are easily noticeable. For work such as construction, it is also necessary to wear a safety vest

Safety Vests Aren’t Just Wanted, They’re Necessary

AAEAAQAAAAAAAASqAAAAJGNkNmQyZTQ3LWVhMjMtNDhkOC05ZjQyLWMyZmI4MTYyMzU5YgSafety vests are very much required because if any mishap happens special care can be taken immediately. During several scenarios such as earthquake, natural disaster, fire or any other extreme situation, personals can be watched while they are working. It is important to note that they are there to help the victimized and not be one of them. Vests are required for all tradesmen including electrical contractors, carpenters, plumbers, etc.

Choose The Right Category Of Vest To Suit Your Needs

The safety vests are available in four categories, class 2, class 3, public vest and economy vests. Each category has its own use and importance. It is important to point out that vests are available for everyone s safety for different set of worker.

Class 2 vests are used by personals, which look after the traffic areas, difficult weather conditions and complicated backdrop. Three fluorescent colors are used in class two are orange, yellow and lime. It is worn over tactical_plate_carriers_choose_color_qu2rwzthe shirt, which includes several styles such as adjustable, mesh, and illuminated. Among these class 3 are worn by people who work in the gloomy areas or in difficult weather situations. The styles are similar to class 2. The variety is different from class 2; they are available in mesh, jacket, and rubber or in sweatshirt.

Economy vest are used in special incidents. People who are managing traffic or security service agents wear these vests. The fluorescent colors are same as class 2, lime, orange and yellow. On the vests, Staff or Security words are printed. It is done so that it can be exchanged in different situations. Motorcyclists also wear these vests to increase the visibility in gloomy weather conditions.

Vests Are Accessible At A Reasonable Cost

AyeGEar_hi_vis_workwear_vest_pockets_clothing_construction_airport_fb172b5f-d6bd-478e-9700-f9a91c330f37Online, blue safety vests are available, at affordable price. Several public safety styles such as breakaway or first responded, with several colors like lime, yellow and orange. These vests fall in the safety class of ANSI ISEA 207-2006. The materials which are used are mesh and polyester. The price of vests is very low, without compromising the quality. The comfort is also an important factor in deciding the vest. Safety is also important, but whether the vests are comfortable or not must be considered. The printing on the vest are also available so that the name of the firm or the position at which worker is working can be easily differentiated. Try here if you’re looking for a solid market plan for your business. 

Construction accident in China results in at least 74 deaths

Construction accident in China results in at least 74 deaths

The project for a cooling tower in the city of Fengcheng in Jiangxi province, China, offered promising benefits to surrounding areas – that is, when the construction is completed, of course.

Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong. At least 74 people were killed and many injured as a result of the work platform collapse at a power plant. As numerous news agencies report, scaffolding collapsed into a deadly heap, sending numerous steel planks, iron pipes and pieces of wood in the direction of workers who had virtually nowhere to hide.

Horrifyingly, virtually everyone who was working at the tower during the accident got affected, as the number of victims basically matches the number of workers who checked in on the day.

The incident occurred at about 7.30am Thursday local time, as one of the Chinese officials has confirmed to the media. Immediately following the accident, about 500 rescue workers rushed to help. They had to work through the debris with their hands in order to try to find any survivors.

To date, it’s confirmed that one worker was pulled out alive from the debris. There may be more survivors, but there is no definite information available yet.

The type of power plant has not been reported, but according to some media sources, most likely it was coal-powered.

This horrible accident raises a very important issue often overlooked in China, which is construction safety. Compared to most other countries, deadly accidents in the industry are fairly common, and the outrageous lax of safety standards is apparent.

China has vowed to improve the construction facilities, and yet, rapid progress the country is experiencing goes in hand with terrible incidents such as factory fires and mining disasters, taking way too many innocent lives and injuring even more.

For instance, only last year, huge chemical blasts in the port city of Tianjin killed more than 170 people. Remarkably, short after the explosions, Yang Dongliang was removed from his post as director of the State Administration of Work Safety. Moreover, he was charged with corruption, as apparently he was taking bribes and gifts worth 28.5 million yuan ($5.6 million) throughout his career.

Following the construction accident, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang ordered an investigation, stating on his official website that it’s imperative to “strengthen supervision and preventive measures, prevent such a major accident from happening again”.

This sounds like a reasonable plan – and we sincerely hope this time appropriate measures will follow.

Top 3 modern engineering miracles

Top 3 modern engineering miracles

From ancient times, when our ancestors first picked up some sticks, stones and leaves to assemble a basic tent, the urge to create better and better constructions has been accompanying us to the modern days. In other words, not only we evolved – construction did as well. Astonishing modern construction creations can easily compete with the old seven wonders of the world, having good chances to win. Not only engineering masterpieces of today look impressive, they are also highly functional and often serve multiple purposes at the same time.

With the help of technology and science, we can build tall, sleek infrastructures that leave everyone in awe within months, sometimes even weeks. In the ongoing quest to solve overpopulation and logistics problems, tunnels, railways and skyscrapers become more and more sophisticated with every single project, making life easier for the mankind.

Today, we would like to have a look at the selection of 3 modern construction miracles, which can make any sceptic gasp in excitement. Curious? Keep reading for some fascinating discoveries!

Beijing National Stadium. Try asking anyone “What’s the world’s biggest steel structure?” – and you’ll likely get either blank stares or something like “Mmm…Eifel tower?” In fact, it’s Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest is a stadium in Beijing, China. Most people who don’t now it’s a stadium think it’s a museum of modern arts or a memorial, because of its unique appearance. The masterpiece was designed by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the architects from Switzerland, for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.Beijing_national_stadium

Dubai Palm Islands. How do you attract tourists and investors for the island lifestyle if your country does not possess any actual islands? You build the artificial ones, of course! Palm Islands in Dubai is the world’s largest artificial island (or set of islands, rather) is located just off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf in close proximity to Dubai. The fascinating palm-shaped structure was brought to life under supervision of Nakheel Properties, a land developer in the UAE. The technology used is called rainbowing, and it involves spraying sand on top of the rising islands through the use of specially equipped sand dredging ships. The target audience are rich people, willing to stay in luxurious hotels or purchase high end villas and

The Channel Tunnel This construction, which is nothing short of a miracle, has blended in extremely well, becoming one of the largest conveniences for people from all over the world. The Channel Tunnel (or simply the Chunnel), runs 32 miles underwater, connecting Folkstone, England and Coquelles, France beneath the English Channel. The project started in 1988 and finished in 1994, with ongoing maintenance and improvements which keep happening today. Remarkably, fires were one of the biggest concerns and hazards, raising the need for an emergency route. The emergency branch came in handy when an unexpected fire broke out a year after the tunnel was built. All passengers were able to escape safely via the emergency

Inside out: a unique New York skyscraper rises from the core

Inside out: a unique New York skyscraper rises from the core

It’s not easy to surprise New Yorkers when it comes to skyscrapers – after all, these people have been living in the world of concrete jungle for a very long while. The new 3 World Trade Center, however, manages to be a rare exception, resembling a giant Popsicle at the moment, although only temporarily.

The reason is quite exciting for anyone working in construction – a unique, rarely used construction technique is being utilised on the site. As a result, the new 69-story skyscraper is literally being built from the inside out, with the concrete core of the building rising ahead of its perimeter! The difference sometimes reaches up to 20 floors.

The unusual construction process will even impact the structural completion ceremony, which for most office towers involves raising the topmost beam, signed by the workers, to the building’s pinnacle. Instead, the ceremony for this unique skyscraper will involve workers signing the concrete bucket that will be subsequently hoisted to the top of the tower.skyscrapers

In his interview for The New York Times, Janno Lieber, the president of World Trade Center Properties at Silverstein, has indicated that “The concrete core is its own safety system, both in sturdiness and in the egress it gives”. Indeed, the core is essentially the spine of the building, stabilizing it against enormous lateral forces. 

Although the skyscraper looks quite slender, the concrete walls are in fact three feet thick on average, embedded with sturdy steel rebar for extra safety. Moreover, within the perimeter, there are elevator shafts, emergency stairways and supply systems, all thoroughly protected from any unnecessary impact from the outside.

Such buildings are usually referred to as “mixed” or “composite” structures, featuring concrete cores and steel perimeters. The first of this kind are attributed to the 80’s Chicago, and the system is not excusive to the United States: composite buildings can be found worldwide, including Dubai, London Shanghai, Seoul and many other locations.

In general, this building style is more suitable for office towers, allowing for open floor spaces, as column-free design is considered as a premium in this sector. Apartment towers, by contrast, usually feature concrete cores and perimeters, as there is no need for this much open floor space: the building is divided into many individual flats anyway. Besides, steel-frame cores are considerably more expensive, as they must be reinforced for rigidity purposes. Using the “mixed” technique for apartment buildings would therefore increase the prices, which would most definitely not be welcomed by New Yorkers, given that real estate costs are getting higher and higher each year.

The new 3 World Trade Center building, designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners and worth $2.75 billion, is expected to open its doors in 2018, with the steel topping out anticipated to be completed by October. The floor count, as it usually happens, is inflated for marketing purposes – 80 stories is the official number that is available now.